Your Kitchen, Your Kingdom: Become a Chefya Ambassador

Your Kitchen, your Kingdom.
Newly launched, and a great way to market your dining venue and promote your community. Especially amid Summer Tourism: create and market events or tasting events or culinary walk tours.
Chefya is an innovative social sharing platform.  A complimentary service, essentially a culinary version of Uber and Airbnb combined–but any minus member fees.
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Designed for chefs, home chefs, bakers, bistros, caterers or food trucks. Also nutritionists and meal planners.

To begin, simply register and create an online “kitchen” page, post menus, and establish a customer base–that can also order directly from the site for a secure, hassle-free transaction. Member chef clients can have their products picked up and delivered via our partners at Postmates.

All members are also equipped with a chat feature, so clients can request customized versions–including any dietary restrictions.
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To become a Chefya Ambassador  simply recruit more chefs, or dining venues in your community.  Efforts will receive mention on the Chefya network, and blog.  Explore Chefya and our social channels.  Discover trending recipes and industry trends.  Presentation tips or kitchen basics. Food safety or social savvy.

Freshmade goals is our corporate credo at Chefya.
Become a member chef and showcase seasonal menus, tasting menus, events and upcoming promotions.
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Curated finds to maintain industry trends.
We hope that might also soon include @chef.ya too.
Because…is there ever such a thing as too many handsome cookbooks.
OR create a cookbook for your favorite charity to promote at Chefya.
logoDesign goals for the artful patissierie.
Trending edible spoons.  Get the scoop.
Or make and market them yourself.
Step up to the plate and create at Chefya.
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