The Chefya new culinary app is looking for the next celebrity chef. Could it be you?

The Chefya culinary app is looking for the next celebrity chef.

Could that be you? Discover multi-faceted opportunities.

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The Home Chef or Baker

Home cooked meals are the highlight of many childhood memories and home chefs are the underdogs of the cooking world. Home cooked recipes are often authentic, genuine, and can trace back several generations. Promoting freshmade food is a primary goal at Chefya.  The warm and cozy feeling when greeted with a homemade plate is a kitchen-1142800_1280-2very unique pleasure. Something that difficult to replicate with standard restaurant meals. The  Chefya app has made it possible for chefs and foodies to come together and share fresh, homemade flavors.

Chefya wants to make home cooked meals and their chefs the new kitchen stars. Home cooked meals are incomparable, and the love that goes into their kitchen inspiration is unmatchable.

If you are a home chef or baker, open your free social kitchen on Chefya. The world wants to discover and taste those kitchen talents. Bring that kitchen inspiration to the table and grow your social kitchen business.

cream-170439The Caterer

Caterers, discover benefits from the Chefya app as an ancillary marketing platform. Idle capacity can easily be utilized by menu promotions at Chefya. Earn extra income on slow days and manage business hours . Also, showcase seasonal menus, tasting menus, events and upcoming promotions.  Recruit extra corporate income at slow peaks marketing to local community interests.

taco-558254The Food Truck

Food trucks are trending. They’ve been consistently capturing national dining interests, but did not have a pre-order platform until now. With Chefya, food trucks can post their dishes in advance and have customers pre-order meals, which will reduce waste and highly improve inventory management. Posting and pre-selling meals on Chefya can easily increase and expand a food truck business into new markets. Customers can still pick up meals meals or have them delivered via the Chefya delivery options available. This allows the customer to bypass long food truck lines to allow for a more relaxed lunch break experience. By pre-ordering food truck meals on Chefya, a customer is guaranteed to have their favorite meal available and waiting for them when they arrive for pick-up. The meal is also pre-paid and ready to go!

The Professional Chefkitchen-731351_1280

Professional chefs can thrive on Chefya by posting their gourmet specialties and providing foodies in their area with a dining experience that might otherwise surpass their budget. Whether working at a restaurant or freelancing, professional chefs can easily draw from their experience and introduce innovative cuisine to new audiences eager to savor home meals with a professional touch.  For all chefs posting at Instagram, join Chefya as a free marketing avenue.

cookies-1149486The Meal Planner

Time is of the essence in this modern world. Jumping from task to task too often eliminates simple tasks such as grocery shopping and proper meal preparation. Meal planners can ease dining coordination, while ensuring proper nutrition. With Chefya, meal planners can discover more dining options suited to their client’s dining requirements. Moms can also acquire new lunchbox inspiration, too!

The Nutritionistfood-865102

Lack of proper nutrition has become a national health issue. Weight gain and improper caloric consumption has lead many to battle assorted health dilemmas. Whether one is allergy prone, diabetic or perfectly healthy, a proper diet is essential. Nutritionists can empower their clients and communities to become aware of hidden fats, carbs, dietary glut, and inspire healthy weight loss and other healthy horizons.  Since the hurried pace is inspiring the freshmade homestyle trend, nutritionists can open their Chefya logokitchen to present healthy options and promote health blogs too.

Discover Chefya, a free marketing platform for all types of chefs to grow and expand their business. Sign up today to share your best flavors with your city. Also, inquire about our ambassador program.

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