Hello, Food Lovers Everywhere…Introducing Chefya

We are here to introduce the official launch of our new website & mobile app, Chefya.  Its been a long three years in the making, from bringing our idea to reality, and we’re excited to finally share it with you.

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What is Chefya?

Chefya is changing modern dining concepts.  Homemade meals are trending, and now, Chefya is  providing an online platform where home chefs & bakers can share their freshly prepared homemade meals with neighboring foodies.

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Chefya is an online platform where cooks, bakers and cookie-makers of assorted talents have the opportunity to post their freshly prepared homemade food and artisanal goods for order.  We call it menu marketing.

We felt that the world is transitioning into a social sharing trend, and we thought, “why not combine Uber and Etsy into a social dining sharing platform?” So, that’s what we did.

Chefya is for the chef in everyone.

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For the Foodie

Everyone loves a home cooked meal, but we understand that busy lives often leads us to resort to frozen meals or take-out to save time. Now with Chefya, order warm, fresh, homemade healthy meals from home chefs and chefs in your community.  With Chefya, reserve a meal for any day of the week – and get it delivered right to your doorstep thanks to our partnership with Postmates.

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For the Established Chef

Chefya is also a unique platform for the professional chef to promote innovative menus or seasonal tasters.

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For the Talented Home Cook

Has the idea of being a chef merely been day-dreaming? Make it a reality.  Discover Chefya.  Its free.  Sign up, create your own social kitchen page and start posting your best recipes.  Build a following and acquire real customers.  What can you bring to the table at Chefya?

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For the food truck

Food truckin’ isn’t easy.  Its about building and maintaining a business.  This is why Chefya can help grow that food truck brand. Plus, it’s a great tool for managing your daily meal inventory.  Also, keep track of your customer base with reservations.

We’re excited for you to join us. Bon appetit!


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