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Have you ever created some culinary masterpiece that was recipient of compliment worthy swooning. Shortly after that thinking about having your own catering service or food truck, but then realize its about life savings in a foodie venture that usually dishes high failure rates. Whether its opening a restaurant, navigating a food truck or preening catering event services,  it can be more than just the menu that matters. It’s location, ambiance, customer service, and marketing. Reality check – the investment risk.

Luckily,  the social sharing industry is boasting cool apps that allows an economic shortcut of the hotel industry (Airbnb), taxi industry (Uber & Lyft), and even general retail industries (Etsy) with alternate services. However, there was one industry that was missing this social sharing concept – the food industry. That’s why Chefya was created. 

Chefya is a social “food” sharing website that allows any home cook or baker or food trucker to sign up, open and customize their own shop + post dishes and products on their terms – for free.  No fine print, no hidden membership fees.  Actually, if signing up soon, discover extra premiums.

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Posting dishes and products on Chefya is easy. If not the type to jump into something…come along on this tour. Explore Chefya and our social channels.  Discover trending recipes and industry trends.  Presentation tips or kitchen basics. Food safety or social savvy. Here’s some kitchen inspiration.

chefya rhubarb breakfast bowl

Artisanal oil blends
Pickled veggies
Salad dressings, Sauces & Marinades
Cookies & pastry & desserts
Home roasted coffee beans
Tea blends
Wheat alternative flours
Protein Shakes & Smoothies
Homemade candies & chocolates
Homemade Dog and Cat food & treats
Homemade Baby food
Granola & energy bars

Join us.  Register.  Create a profile ( we call it your own “social kitchen” ) Post a menu. Some photos.  Its all free. Discover sharing at chefya logo greenChefya.

Meanwhile, join us by May 20th and receive a special premium: 3 tweets on the Chefya Twitter network + one Facebook post.

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